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With this custom control for BlogEngine.NET you can display thumbnails of your images at Flickr.
A sample of this control in action can be seen at my blog,
And just in case my blog doesn't work, here is an image:

Place the Controls\Flickr.cs source-file in your App_Data\Controls directory of your BlogEngine.NET root.
Place the Extensions\Flickr.cs source-file in your App_Data\Extensions directory of your BlogEngine.NET root.
Placing the Controls\Flickr.cs in your App_Data\Controls directory will make it possible to add this control to your ASP.NET pages (.aspx, .master etc) using
<blog:Flickr id="flickr1" runat="server" /> and placing the Extensions\Flickr.cs will make it possible to set the settings for this Control.

The following properties apply to the control:
No properties exists anymore! Use the Flickr Extension instead!
You don't even hav to edit you Web.config file anymore!

Settings in the Extension manager:
These are pretty strait forward and doesn't really need much of an explanation, but I will give one anyway.
When logged in as to your BlogEngine.NET Blog click the Extensions-tab, and then click Edit on the
"Flickr 0.1 Settings for the Flickr Custom Control"-row, that will give you womething like this:

Explanation of the fields:
  • User ID (not optional): Your Flickr user ID (this is not the same as username!) in the format 12345678@N00, can be obtained at
  • Number of images (optional, default: 4): The number of images you want display from your Flickr photo stream.
  • Style (optional): CSS style to apply to your thumbnails. No fuzz, just simple old CSS.
  • Height and width (optional): The thumbnails returned from Flickr is square, so the height and width of the thumbnails will be the same.
  • API-key (not optional): Your Flickr API-key, can be obtained at
  • Secret key (not optional): Your Flickr secret that belongs to your Flickr API-key.
  • "Visit my page"-text (optional): If you type something in this box you will get a link to your Flickr photo stream below your images. If left blank no link will appear.

This should all do the trick of showing thumbnails of your recent photos on Flickr.

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